Washing Machine (in working condition)
Looking for butterfly wings for kids halloween costume. Happy with wings in any condition. Thanks!
Looking for a massage table (preferably foldable to save space) to help ease body pain. If you had one that you don t need anymore, please let me know. Many thanks.
Cruiser Type Bike for paved trails - big seat, big tires. for older adults.
Looking for a doghouse for a large lab/shepherd mix.
If you have a bookshelf size stereo (receiver, AM/FM radio, CD player, speakers) in working condition that you no longer need or use, I can put it to good use.
I am looking for 5' or 6' t-posts. Thanks!
If anyone has livestock (feedlot) panels that they are no longer using I would love them. Thanks!
Looking for a large suitcase for traveling. If you have one laying around you no longer want or need I would love to take it off of your hands! Thank you:)
I am looking for pants and shirts to a friend in Venezuela. He is extremely needy i can pick them up the cloth anytime. The size is L and pants 34
If you have one you are not using I would love to take it off your hands. Thanks so much:)
Hi does anyone have river rocks they are looking to get rid off? Will gladly take them off of their hands. Thanks
I am in need of 2/3 shoe boxes that are in proper shape. Preferably new ones. (For crafting). Thanks in advance
Needed for a theatre project. 4 sturdy wooden crates most be approximately 30 inches (L) x 18 inches (W) X 12to24inches Tall Need to be sturdy enough to stand on and easy enough to move by 1 person. Any help would be appreciated
I'd like to add Hens & Chicks to my garden if you have extras to share. Thank you!
Looking for a weight bench. Please let me know if you have one that you are no longer using. Thanks!
Am filing papers away for long term storage/ if/ when the auditor comes around so i don't feel inclined to use new manila files to separate out these papers/ bank statements etc.. I will re-label them and save them from the landfill.
If you still have some compact flash cards in your drawer collecting dust, I would love to put them to good use. These were popular in early generation digital cameras from 10-20 years ago. The card is about 1-inch x 1-inch. Any capacity will work.
Hi, I'm seeking a workbench that is sturdy enough to attach a vice to and that can handle some weight. It can be a short bench too. Thanks!
I m in need of a light weight walker with a seat for a heavy person. She has a heavy one that I can no longer pick up very easy. Thanks
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