Collectible Coins and Stamps for Sale in Pleasanton, CA

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British stamps. All for $25.00. MUST pickup in Newark.
Diamond jubilee stamps honoring Queen Elizabeth. MUST pickup in Newark.
Set of 6 German WWII stamps featuring Adolf Hitler. Stamps are still conjoined. They are clean! One 1933 remembrance coin again featuring Adolf Hitler and his rise to power. Coin is not original. It was manufactured in Czechoslovakia in 1997. One 1942 five Reichsmark note with Nazi logo in the lower left. Bill was printed during WWII and features Hitler's desire to create a white supreme German...
1 Dinar Libyan note. Note is clean and free of folds and holes. Featured is Muammar Gaddafi, dictator and leader of Libya from 1969 to 2011. Muammar Gaddafi was brutally killed at the battle of Sirte on 10/20/11. Note is rare as are all of the notes I've posted here featuring world dictators. $19.00 will buy this one. Please don't ask for a discount. Thanks!
4 stamped WWII German postal stamps featuring Adolf Hitler. Stamps are clean but used during the war period. Great collection!
Circa 1991 5 Dinar Iraqi note featuring Saddam Hussein. This note is quite the collectors item as it bears the drawing of Iraq's former leader. The bill is clean and fresh and uncirculated with not marks, nicks or tears. It has been very well taken care of. This bill, along with others, was brought back for me by a military friend who was stationed in Iraq during dessert storm. I am asking $9.0...
1989 20 dollar bill from Pre-China Hong Kong. Very collectible! This bill was printed by Thomas de LaRue printers who printed Hong Kong currency while Hong Kong was still under British rule.
Fun! Fun! Fun! 44-cent stamps featuring the five main Simpsons characters. The post office sells these in packs of 20, but there are only five different designs, so I'd like to get rid of the other 15. I'm selling them at the post office rate, but I'm also willing to trade for some other fun stamps.
*ID: 18835 *UPC/EAN: 66224XXXXXX Item is new and in original packaging.
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